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Hey Everyone Let's Play

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Hey Everyone Let’s Play

“Hey Everyone Let’s Play,” or HELP, is an all-inclusive, face-to-face grassroots social movement. It reminds the inner child in adults, teens, and tweens to be a part of the community through playful acts of kindness. It combines socially conscious acts with playful endeavors. It has been scientifically proven and demonstrated time and again that “play” tethers together culture, religion, industry, politics, and social status. We believe that simply and playfully connecting face-to-face, while having fun, brings people together in ways that: open doors to creating trust, understanding, fulfillment, productivity, and expanding ideas and positivity in any environment.

HELP the 11th

What is play? It is “to engage in activity for enjoyment or recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.” Thus, the 11th of every month is a national play day. Yes! It’s a day to bring people together through play. The result? We trust each other more, understand each other better, feel more fulfilled individually, are more productive in group settings, entertain and implement expanded ideas, and become more creative and positive!

Play Ninjas (or HELP Ninjas) across the country (and the world), go out on this day and:

  1. Spy acts of kindness
  2. Play it forward, and
  3. Complete kindness challenges to level up their ninja skills.

As well, Play Ninjas (individually, or alongside local sponsors) promote “the play way” through pop-ups and other events. “The Play Way” is being kind to others combined with being playful.

The Play Way

Did you know that the science behind the HELP movement can be integrated into your school, business, or community? You can bring The Play Way into your group! Turn employees into Play Ninjas, and sponsor pop-ups and other play events. This integration transforms depression, apathy, and division into joy, empathy, and harmonious connection. How? By getting back to square one–a basic, biological human need. Every person has a fundamental need to feel seen, and to be heard. When that is missing, it can lead to countless problems. We believe, and science has shown, that we are born kind, ready to play, and ready to learn to grow in social skills, creativity, and productivity.

Connecting with others through the universal language and medium of play…measurably revives creativity and optimism in the work place which leads to seriously increased motivation and productivity.

Lyndsie Zachieus

Lyndsie is a professional motivational consultant, best-selling author, speaker, Play Ninja extraordinaire, and of course, a Play Expert for communities, schools, and organizations. From mornings shows and festivals in the USA, England, Australia, and Romania; in her travels, Lyndsie breaks into play and happiness everywhere she goes, lighting up people and the earth!