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“to engage in activity for enjoyment or recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose”

oh really?

 Play it forward!

We are making a difference in the world – and you can too!

What happens if we don’t play?

…in neighborhoods

…at school

…at work

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The Play Way transforms depression, apathy, and division into joy, empathy, and harmonious connection for communities, schools and organizations around the world.

Help The Play Way to light up the world and share the message of play with everyone.

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Start some fun, spy some kindness, make a difference right where you are!

Anyone can be a Play Ninja


Cities and communities who support and provide play in both children and adults have seen increased community goodwill and local business engagement.


Schools who keep the essence of play alive – at all grade levels – see a meaningful increase in goodwill and happiness. Play has also been proven to increase
attendance and promote learning.


Forbes, Fortune and the New York Times have all published stories about the power of play to invigorate business.


The Play Way Opportunities

The Play Way will work with individuals, civic and organizational leaders to develop personalized and engaging play plans that incorporate our play principles to provide you or your group with a special pathway to achieving more positivity and enthusiasm every day.

In-person consulting

  • dynamic events, classes and workshops
  • media exposure
  • inspirational seminars and play festivals
  • team or culture enhancement pop-ups

Ongoing programs

  • monthly resources delivered to you
  • virtual training and support
  • ongoing support for any sized group
Investors and partners

  • venture capital and crowdfunding
  • partner opportunities
  • media inquiries

Where we’ve been playing…

Originally starting out in Los Angeles, USA – Lyndsie and The Play Way have now brought smiles and goodwill to dozens of communities, schools, organizations and people through pop-up events, ride-alongs with first responders and emergency services personnel, and spontaneous, disruptive play in many locations around the world.

We brought the cheerful essence of play to the normally serious act of food distribution to the homeless
We brought dancing to a Special Olympics event (when no one was dancing)

We took over a Delta Airlines flight intercom to bring play and laughter to stressed passengers with the help of a Hollywood star

We brought the spirit of play and lightness  to an otherwise stressful work environment for a Sprint advertising campaign in Serbia

We are planning to break a world record using Spectrum NBC employees and guests to spread play and kindness in the community

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+1 213 706 PLAY (7529)

Contact Lyndsie for a personalized play plan for your

community, school or organization.

Let’s play and light up the world!