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The Play Way Culture

Transform your group with the science of play!
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The Play Way Culture

Did you know that the science behind the HELP movement can be integrated into your school, business, or community? You can bring The Play Way into your group! Turn employees into Play Ninjas, and sponsor pop-ups and other play events. This integration transforms depression, apathy, and division into joy, empathy, and harmonious connection. 

To integrate The Play Way into your group culture, you need to:

  1. Contact us for a phone/in-person consultation.
  2. Tell us how many employees you have and your culture integration budget. Our fees are based off of your group’s size and needs.

What we do:

  1. Consult with you to create a uniquely designed culture integration for your group.
  2. Plan dynamic events, pop-ups, media exposure, and venture capital opportunities for your group. These include tools and resources for sustainability and inclusivity.
  3. Meet with you and your employees, for up to 3 days to instruct them in The Play Way.
  4. Help your employees become Play Ninjas and distribute HELP Kits.