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Lyndsie Zacheis

The Woman Behind the Grassroots Movement
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Lyndsie Zacheis

Lyndsie was raised in a small town in Missouri. Her stepfather well versed her in the language of fear and violence leading to a personal road of understanding the detrimental effects that afflict, individuals, families, communities, all statuses of life large and small at times, for generations.  

In her late teen years, Lyndsie’s challenging home situation finally took a turn towards the end when her stepfather drove her to the police station, telling her he was going kill her and then turn himself in.  Lyndsie realized that night she had guardian angels. 

Lyndsie liberated from her childhood struggles shares her story with a six-times best selling book co-authored with Lisa Nichols titled, “Unbreakable Spirit, Rising Above the Impossible”.  Lyndsie’s passion of sharing joy, strength, tools, with practical engaging ways to See what is common about each other vs what is different, led her to film school in Los Angeles, (where she once said she would never live) After a short time, her spirit was awakened with a clear direction . By providence, Lyndsie witnessed two extreme acts of violence within three-days, and the apathy that plagued and paralyzed those nearby, Lyndsie’s knew it was time to remember the beginning, our inner child. Her life and experiences had prepared her. Her life had given her the confidence, preparation, empathy, and imagination to take a stand and to invite others. Thus, an impressive solution, The Play Way & HELP the 11th was designed.  And that movement has grown grassroots, into the now burgeoning Play Way movement with the goal of eleven million ‘Play Ninjas’ trained and geared spreading kindness and cheer, world wide.  

Lyndsie has traveled globally and has spent time living in multiple different countries appreciating, learning, and experiencing a vast amount of backgrounds, cultures, religions, and lifestyles. All this while gaining an insight to build inclusive programs for businesses, schools, audiences, and communities large and small. Lyndsie has been on intimate stages to in front of stadiums.  Airplanes, trains, the red carpet to the streets. She has played it all. 

Learn more about Lyndsie by reading her book, Hey Everyone Let’s Play: the rise of a woman and a grass roots movement.

Lyndsie is inviting, engaging, and creates fun and motivating & inclusive programs while training the audience as “Play Ninjas”. Invite her to train, speak, and Play at your business, event, school, or audience,  

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