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Become a Play Ninja

Level up your skills of kindness by spying and playing-it-forward!
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Become a Play Ninja

Play Ninjas (or HELP Ninjas) across the country (and the world), go out on the 11th day of each month to 1) spy random acts of kindness, 2) play-it-forward, and 3) complete kindness challenges to level up their ninja skills. As well, Play Ninjas (individually, or alongside local sponsors) promote “The Play Way” through pop-ups and other events. The Play Way is being kind to others combined with being playful.

Play Ninjas need to:

  1. Sign up to get a FREE initial Play Ninja HELP Kit. The FREE initial HEL Kit supplies gear, tools, and instructions on how to become, and play, as an official Play Ninja.
  2. Keep up with missions and events. Play Ninjas get to particiapte with a growing global community committed to playful monthly acts of kindness.
  3. Donate in order to receive continuing Play Ninja HELP Kits. Monthly HELP Kits supply gear, tools, and on-going instructions on how to play as an official Play Ninja!
  4. Level Up by completing the monthly missions and joining in on events.
Frequently Asked Questions
What Happens After I Sign Up?

After signing up, you will start getting our monthly Play Ninja emails which include your “Play Missions” for the 11th of the month.

How Do I Get More HELP Kits

All HELP Ninjas will get a FREE initial HELP Kit. To get more amazing kits, you Play-it-Forward by donating to The Play Way.

What Is A Pop-Up Event?

A pop-up event…

Can I do my own pop-up event?

Yes! Etc…

How Do I Find And Join Pop-up Events?

coming soon

What Is The PlayRade and How Do I Participate?

The PlayRade is… If you want to join in…

How Do I Sign Up My Employees As Play Ninjas?

Businesses, communities, and schools can sign up employees as Play Ninjas by consulting with Lyndsie Zachieus! Visit The Play Way Culture page for more details!

Hey Everyone Let's Play: the rise of a woman and a grass roots movement

Lyndsie has recorded her own experiences that prepared her to start HELP and The Play Way. Learn more about her and the movement, AND how to get involved!